Potsdamer Platz Pipes 3


I am always on the look out for something unusual and these huge pipes dominating Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany were absolutely fascinating; bright pink confronts the viewer. No-one seemed to know what they were or why they were there, I later discovered they carry water away from building sites. There are many of these pipes around the city of Berlin, pink, black, blue, yellow and white. I positioned my camera so that I could emphasise the magnitude, scale and shape of the pipes against the buildings so that they were the dominant feature. "Potsdamer Platz Pipes 3" featured in my first solo exhibition. This image also received a Special Merit Award in the November 2016 Light, Space and Time "All Photography" Competition. Limited edition of 5, only 4 left.

Potsdamer Platz Pipes 3

Artistic Mood

Photo Mount on Acrylic



36" × 27"